On September 3rd, several major events in music history took place, shaping the landscape of the industry for years to come.

One of the most iconic events on this day was the release of the Beatles’ hit single “She Loves You” in 1963. This song went on to become one of the band’s most popular songs, reaching number one on the charts in both the UK and the US. Its infectious melody and catchy lyrics solidified the Beatles’ status as one of the greatest bands of all time.

In 1976, the American rock band Kiss released their album “Destroyer” on September 3rd. This album featured some of the band’s biggest hits, including “Detroit Rock City” and “Beth.” “Destroyer” was a commercial success, reaching number 11 on the Billboard 200 chart and solidifying Kiss’s status as one of the biggest rock bands of the 1970s.

On September 3rd, 1983, the music world was shocked by the passing of legendary blues guitarist and singer Albert Collins. Collins was known for his distinctive guitar playing style and powerful vocals, influencing generations of musicians with his unique sound. His music lives on through his recordings and the artists he inspired.

In more recent years, on September 3rd, 2013, singer-songwriter Avicii released his hit single “Wake Me Up.” The song was a massive success, topping the charts in multiple countries and showcasing Avicii’s talent as a producer and songwriter. “Wake Me Up” became one of the biggest dance hits of the year and solidified Avicii’s status as a top EDM artist.

Overall, September 3rd has been a significant day in music history, with major releases and events that have left a lasting impact on the industry. From the Beatles to Kiss to Avicii, the music world has seen some incredible moments on this day.