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Robert Hantson

Creative Manager / Promotions

Robert “Bobby Jay” Hantson is the creative talent behind “Bobby Jay Productions”.  From behind the camera to final production, and creative promotional ideas, Robert brings his 30+ years of Radio, Television, Print, and Online Advertising knowledge together to create an end product that is unique to the industry.

Shelli Bruni

Shelli B Photography

Aside from her incredible live performance photography, Shelli Bruni is also the on site production assistant to Bobby Jay Productions.  Shelli’s talents reach far beyond her photography and logistics skills helping with coordinating communications and personal relationships between the organization and the artists and venues that we work closely with.

Gary Kyle

Gary Kyle Music

When not on stage, Texas/Nashville singer and songwriter Gary Kyle is always working behind the scenes helping new up and coming songwriters and performers shape their careers.  Gary’s years of experience in the industry as a full time touring artist allows him to help new artists develop their style and lifestyle both on and off the stage – mentally and physically – in ways that are not common in this very hard paced industry.

Chris Howell

Cafe Solo Studios

Chris Howell is the owner and head engineer at Cafe Solo Studios in Denton Tx. He’s been a professional musician for over 20 years as a guitarist, producer, and engineer and has worked and toured with numerous artists ranging from rock to country to alternative to you name it.  I am proud to have Chris as a Partner as our chief sound mixologist.



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