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Video Production

From social media and commercial advertising, to promotional sizzle reels and full performance videos. Let us help you build your official video catalog.

Web Hosting And Design

It used to be that your band only needed social media. But if you want to promote your music and your brand, you need both a website and an EPK/VCard online! We do it all and host it for you!

Promotional design

From event graphics and video ads, to lyric videos, social media banners, and tying all of your different media outlets together, we help build a strategy to help your audience and brand grow.

Music Release Management

Ready to release your next single? Let us help you build that viral marketing campaign that includes social media hook marketing, lyric videos, music visualizers and more.

Bobby Jay

We Do Things A Little Different

We know how difficult it is to get started!  Whether your are single artist trying to find your niche in the industry, or a full time artist/band trying to find a new way to bring more attention to your music and brand – we know the costs can add up quick, and almost work against you.  Just to get a decent promo video, clip package, and a couple of event advertisements can cost you more than you get in a week or two of gigs (more if you’re just getting started).

That’s where I come in!  I’ve watched so many music artists spend upwards of $5000 for a video promotional package.  And believe me, I’m NOT knocking what they get in return at all!  The more you pay the more killer the material you get back!  But how are you utilizing that killer footage?  Do you have different promos for different target audiences?  Do you get various edits in variety’s of lengths to allow for different types of posts and social media?  Do you get ongoing support and edits/customization for events promo?

Breaking The Mold

A Pricing Model That Grows With You

How many people come to you and say “Let’s work with what you got and then we’ll grow together with you?”  Seriously…  There aren’t a lot of promotion and marketing agencies willing to start off small and stay with you.  In most cases, you get a package and if you need anything else, its starting over from scratch.  With Bobby Jay Productions – you are an ongoing client – and we continually pump out fresh new content for you each month based on the package you are on!

Promo As A Service

An All Inclusive Marketing Solution

Promo as a Service is a relatively new concept in the realm of advertising.  Instead of paying exorbitant costs up front for a finished promotional video package that will be stale within six months we slowly build your promotion library as needed.  Starting with a simple targeted initial footage capture, and then immediately getting started on building the templates that will be used to create a regular stream of promo as part of your package!


Our Services . . .

  • Artist Promotion Videos

  • Targeted Fan Base Promo
  • Venue/Talent Buyer Promo
  • Event / Calendar Announcements
  • And More...
  • Online Hosting and Development

  • Band / Artist Websites
  • EPK / VCard One-Sites
  • Single / Release Announcements
  • And More...
  • Artist Supplementals

  • Full Live Performance Videos
  • Acoustic Showcase Videos
  • Music Visualizers & Lyric Videos
  • And Much More...
  • Venue Supplementals

  • In-House Video Advertising
  • Social Media Event Videos
  • Venue Promo Videos
  • And Much More...