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“Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder why the mullet isn’t back in style” – Bo Jennings

Ladies and gents, step right up and get ready to meet the one and only Silverado Mullet Country, the tribute to the greatest era of country music that’s takin’ the honky-tonk world by storm!

Led by the legendary (at least in his own mind) Bo Jennings, this ragtag group of pickers, strummers, and drum beaters is here to bring the golden era of “Mullet Country” back to life.

Bo Jennings, the heart and soul of Silverado Mullet Country, was born with a mullet and a dream. He grew up in a small town where country music was the soundtrack to everyday life. Bo’s got a voice smoother than a sip of Tennessee whiskey and a stage presence that’s as electrifying as a Texas summer thunderstorm. With his trusty six-string in hand and his mullet flowin’ in the wind, Bo’s ready to pay tribute to the greats who paved the way to making country as cool as Bo was as kid.

Behind Bo is a cast of some of the finest musicians in Texas Country music today. On lead guitar, you’ll hear solos that move faster than a cat on a hot tin roof, channeling the spirit of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Alabama, Travis Tritt and others. The drums are manned by a rhythm maestro who keeps the band rollin’ like a freight train, laying down beats that get your boots tappin’ and your heart poundin’.

On bass, there’s always a groove that makes the whole band come alive, with harmonies sweeter than a summer peach, reminiscent of the laid-back charm of Don Williams. And no Silverado Mullet Country show would be complete without a fiery rhythm guitar picker whose tunes are as lively as a Fourth of July firework, bringing the high-energy, foot-stompin’ spirit of Garth Brooks and Travis Tritt to every performance.

Silverado Mullet Country is more than just a tribute band; they’re a walkin’, talkin’, playin’ piece of country music history. From Eddie Rabbit’s smooth croonin’ to Johnny Lee’s catchy hooks, Bo Jennings and his crew play all the hits that defined the 70s, 80s, and 90s. They bring the music of “Mullet Country” to life, makin’ you feel like you’re right back in the good ol’ days.

So come on down to the next Silverado Mullet Country show. Grab yourself a cold one, kick up your boots, and get ready to be transported to a time when country music was king, and the mullet was the crown. Bo Jennings and Silverado Mullet Country are here to remind you why this era of country music will never be forgotten. Yeehaw!


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