When was the last time you updated your EPK? Do you even HAVE an EPK? Does your EPK ROCK?

BobbyJay of myEPK.Rocks sits down and gives you Episode 1 of a series we’re rolling out specifically about EPK’s and why you need to really crack down and get it rockin!

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hey guys it’s casual Thursday I’m Bobby J and today we’re about to kick off a series of videos on a crucial topic for every music artist out there the EPK or electronic press kit now if you’re serious about your music career you’re going to want to stick around and learn why you may actually be missing out on gigs radio AirPlay even playlisting because your EPK doesn’t Rock so let’s get this started [Applause] first things first well exactly what is an EPK it’s called an electronic press kit and it’s a digital portfolio that showcases your work your accomplishments and most importantly your brand think of it as a musical resume a One-Stop shop that provides everything anyone needs to know about you and your music and when I say anyone I don’t just mean music venues and talent buyers I’m talking about radio stations potential sponsors music bloggers even your fans yes your EPK should also be shared with your fan base as well and I’m going to explain why later in this series when we get into more targeted epks but first let’s really just let’s get down to the basics so why does every music artist need an EPK well as you know this is a fast-paced highly competitive and I hate to say it saturated industry your your EPK needs to Stand Out by presenting a professional image in a concise and compelling way but it also needs to match the excitement and intensity of your onstage performance and your music it’s essential whether you’re reaching out to new venues Talent buyers radio stations playlist curators you need to have an EPK that not only represents you and your brand but stands out among everyone else in the industry let’s face it the very people that you are contacting are being contacted by everyone else on a daily basis and they’re all asking the same thing why won’t you book my band why won’t you play my song pay me money to promote your brand come to my show if your if your APK isn’t standing Out Among the rest you’re just a you know you’re just one of a thousand artists act asking the same exact questions over and over and over again so what goes into a proper K well let’s break it down into six main components this is just the basics of an EPK now first your artist bio this is your story who you are your journey in music and what sets you apart too many artists today don’t spend enough time on their bio I’ve seen some bios out there even to this very day that are still talking about their plans for 2020 guys that ship sailed unless you’re your plans were to play songs in front of a webcam for 6 months straight and possibly binge watch Breaking Bad while gaining 20 pounds your EPK is already super outdated you get it right second your photos and your images what is it about music artists these days that are using cell phone photos and cell phone videos as professional promo photos there are literally hundreds of professional photographers who are ready to come to a show they’re ready to get killer shots they’re ready to help you build your brand and believe it or not they’re not as expensive as many people think and in most cases many of these photographers are already at your shows taking killer photos talk to them they’re already a fan as it is why not promote them as well because they’re promoting You music samples your best tracks you need to make them available for streaming and for download your hottest tracks are your biggest promotion when it comes to your music sure you have songs in your catalog that you think are your best works but it’s the ones that are making waves that need to be first and basically out front you need to have at least five examples of your music in a playlist ready to present on your EPK whether it’s a sample playlist from your Spotify profile or actually providing direct links to stream your top songs in full your music needs to be Center and out front music videos live performances visualizers interviews let’s face it you rock but are you actually presenting quality videos of you and your music whether it’s a simple visualizer for your latest release official music videos or live performance videos they can help give potential fans radio station playlist curators even music venues even more of a reason to pick up the phone but you need to make sure that the quality is there fans using their cell phone from the front row is not going to cut it trust me next you need press coverage reviews and testimonials this has been one of the hardest points that I’ve had to get across to a lot of artists that I work with you really need to take a little time out contact those venues that you play at regularly and ask them for a short review why they continue to have you back why that DJ in Houston gushes over you every time you have a new release and that music blog that can’t get enough of you you need quotable quotes these are the people who are going to reinforce the reasons your music needs to be heard and don’t limit your testimonials to just venues DJs and blogs reach out to fans and other artists who like to tour with you and whose fans basically mix with your music don’t forget to return the favor as well I mean send them a you know send them some comments about them share each other’s worth and lastly how people can get in touch with you and your team I’ve seen too many epks that actually leave out the most important information to allow someone to Deep dive into their career and contact the specific people that are needed to help promote not only does that include information about your booking agent your promo guy you know they do need official Graphics don’t they and your radio media PR rep you need to ensure that you put links to all of your social media accounts from your Facebook Instagram and Twitter to all your streaming platforms and anywhere else on the web that you promote yourself and your music each of these elements plays a crucial role in painting a complete picture of you as an artist but these are just the basics of what need to be in your EPK remember the more you can provide in one easy to access location and the more it actually represents you as an artist your brand your music and your stage presence the better the chances are that whoever sees it is going to act on it so why does all this matter let’s break it down first professional representation an EPK showcases you it tells everyone that you take your career seriously and you’re ready for business imagine sending a jumbled collection of links and files versus a Sleek organized EPK which one do you think leaves a better impression exactly centralized promotional tool an EPK brings all your promotional materials into one easily accessible place this saves time and money sometimes for you and everyone on your team the people you’re trying to impress well it saves them a lot of time too why should they be jumping all over the place trying to find out this find out that it’s all in your EPK it’s all in One-Stop shop instead of sending separate emails different attachments you provide a single link to your EPK everything’s right there neatly packaged ready to go three essential it’s essential for media booking and Industry connections whether you’re reaching out to music venues booking agents radio stations potential collaborators your EPK is your goto tool to ensure everything they need to know is that they fingertips look media Outlets they look for high quality content that they can quickly reference and turn around booking agents they want to see you on stage they want to hear your performance they want to see your audience reach your sponsors need to assess your Brand’s marketability your EPK addresses all these needs and more hell if put together properly it’s all a music blogger needs to highlight you as their next Rising Star seriously your EPK is your ticket to more gigs more AirPlay more playlist ads and more exposure but it needs to be complete and it needs to be comprehensive now in my next video I’m going to Deep dive into why your EPK isn’t the only EPK that you need to have in your promotional Arsenal yeah we’re talking the tip of the iceberg here there’s a lot more to epks than just what I’ve spelled out so share this with your friends share this with your favorite music artists and let’s make your music career Unstoppable together we’ll see you next time [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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