Josh Weathers – Live @ The Bartonville Store Pop-Up Show
“One” (Live Acoustic)
Live @ The Bartonville Store Pop-Up Show
Presented By: @3418Music /
Produced By: Robert Hantson / @BobbyJayOTA

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[Music] foreign [Music] big moon just trying to imagine you’re right there somewhere thinking about me too staring at the same old sunset it’s burning upstairs been working on my heart like you said I should really let you go out so lately I giving my forgiveness living in the moment at the end of the day what’s dumbness done give life for what you got cause you only get it [Music] still acting lonely I’m sitting around breaking down thinking about him what it was looking back at the old days doing good and pretty good but sometimes I catch myself thinking that you were someone else staring at the same old Sunset it’s burning up the sky [Music] So lately I’ve been giving myself [Music] give life for you God cause you only get away again oh man [Music] sometimes I catch myself Sunset is burning up the sky like a regret working on my heart [Music] give me myself [Music] what’s done is done give life folk you got cause you only get once [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] cause you only get one [Music] [Applause] thank you [Music]

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