Stoney Larue performs “Feed Don’t Touch The Ground” at the Bartonville Feed Store in Bartonville, Tx for the 3418 Music Pop-Up Show…

Produced & Directed By Robert Hantson/BobbyJayOTA


I did a meet and greet in the back with uh a couple and it’s their 10-year anniversary their 10 year anniversary today Brian and Kelly sitting outside right here and he said they danced to this song at their wedding so I’m gonna go ahead and sing it [Music] I remember when I met you was a big city boy a small town blue this place seems so small to me [Music] I was used to the boulevard hey when I saw you I feel so hard [Music] I’m here forever all night I’m gonna pray on the next star I see tonight didn’t lose this thing we found [Music] my side I can do without the city lights [Music] feet don’t touch [Music] the things have done the places I’ve been they just don’t compare to live I’m in wouldn’t be so I’ve ever seen the future told me a few years back I’ll be stealing here it’s listening I say that you’re living in a dream I’m here forever we got Moonlight all night but I pray on the next star I see tonight we’re gonna lose this thing we found [Music] by my side I can do without the city lights [Music] and touch the ground your life you don’t touch it [Music] moonlight all night would I pray on the first turn then I see tonight who never lose this thing without [Music] I’m gonna try that one with you bye I can do without the city lights thank you where my feet don’t touch the ground [Music] you know my feet don’t touch it happy anniversary you guys

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